Vaccine Regret

The "vaccines": 


We are told that a very high percentage of the population of the Western world has already received two injections of the current crop of COVID-19 injections.  But, now, the 'authorities' want you to take a "Booster" - every few months... for the rest of your life!

In fact, they're even changing their terminology... no longer is it "fully vaccinated", now, it's "are you 'up to date' on your vaccinations?"   That fact alone should cause people some regret for having even started down that road. 

And, all this over a virus where we have an over 99% survival rate IF we catch it!

We are told to just "Follow the Science!" (.. just shut up and obey the authorities)

Another reason for regret is the rapidly growing number of severe 'adverse' reactions (including death) caused by these shots.  Sports heroes, politicians, entertainers, neighbours .... children We are calmly told that such side-effects are "rare" and we "shouldn't be concerned"... Nothing to see here, folks, move along...   But, the numbers are rising - a lot!  Already, the death count far surpasses the harms caused by all other vaccines in history!  What ever happened to Informed Consent?   Whatever happened to critical inquiry?   Or, at least, curiosity..... 

"Public Health" Officials are Afraid to Debate!
The science is not on their side.

Irrefutable logic, from Steve Kirsch


Dr. Marty Makary: The Greatest Perpetrator Of Misinformation Is The Government


 Dr. Peter McCullough Drops A Bombshell, hundreds of thousands killed by the "vaccines"


  SIX Times More Canadians in ICU after Covid Shots!

    - Government Study Shows

Top Health Official Warns Public Not to Take ‘Boosters’ Due to Safety Concerns


   You really need to know this!


      Who defines "truth"??

  Evidence of harm


Evidence shows the COVID vaccines are not "safe and effective."

Not even close.  They are the most deadly ''vaccines'' ever produced.


                      The CDC Lied: The mRNA Wasn’t Meant to “Stay in the Arm”               

 Myocarditis after COVID "vaccines"


Dr. Aseem Malhotra, physician, cardiologist, medical researcher and author, interviewed by Dr. John Campbell
Please note that Dr. Malhotra has suffered for what he says about .. the Elephant in the room.
The attacks against doctors, and anyone else who speaks truth, are rampant --

Measuring the extent of the Myocarditis Iceberg?

Should this not raise some concern


  Dr. Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Professor




The two biggest companies supplying the shots are Pfizer and Moderna.  Their injections are of a brand new technology called "mRNA".   They are not "vaccines", according to the actual definition of the word, but rather novel gene-therapy drugs.  They enter human cells and re-program your DNA.  People who are injected with these mRNA drugs actually become GMOs ... genetically modified organisms.  They are changed....   For an introduction to how these mRNA drugs work, please view this short video by Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology:


  Uninjected Have Same Nanotech, Clots, Graphene as Injected!   Substack


New COVID-19 vaccines will be designed for “immune imprinting,”

leading to more vaccinated people getting sick and dying



  Dr. Chris Martenson and cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough  

  Those harmed are very REAL, and not RARE!   
    Each of these people is someone's sister, brother, son, daughter ...  mom or dad.
              --   And, thes
e politicians are killing them! 

VAXTERMINATION! <- watch this whole video!

The Deliberate Culling Of The Human Population?   
Those who consider themselves the Elite see us as a class of useless, expendable people..    

Severe Impact Of COVID 'Vaccines' On Human Fertility Can Be Classified As A Depopulation Event
4 in 10 COVID-jabbed women report menstrual irregularities

Huge reductions in births and fertility among the jabbed!

In just one example, the University of Chicago asked for women who had experienced post-injection menstrual irregularities to volunteer for a study. They hoped to find 500 women. To date, they have received over 140,000 applications!


 Why are the vaccinated bleeding longer and the unvaccinated not?




Mark Steyn - Victims of the Vax  special presentation

Thousands of highly credentialed doctors, PhDs and scientists from around the world are taking a strong, courageous (and costly) stand against unreasonable government mandates and the harmful 'vaccines' being forced on people:


COVID-19 Vaccines: Scientific Proof of Lethality

  <-- Click

We are a group of vaccinated and unvaccinated healthcare professionals who

believe that the way through this pandemic is to unite, not divide our community.

(See especially, the References!)



 MASKS ... Do Masks work?

Masks are bacteria traps – viruses go through them like sand through tennis rackets!

Wearing Masks Made No Difference!

Florida Surgeon General Rails Against Masks: ‘These Are Not Saving Lives’


1.  More than 150 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms

2.  Facemasks Are Worthless And Can Cause Health Decline And Premature Death












          I saw quite a few today!  Even ALONE in cars! 


  But, they still FORCE people to wear them!     



  Masks make the disease WORSE!

  Facemasks actually contribute to the COVID-19 fatality rate  




 New study finds masks become disgusting bacteria traps


Latest PROOF masks are ineffective in the spread of viruses.

The Cochrane Review

We recently went to COSTCO - some people there were still wearing masks

Some of them even wearing two!!  It's so sad. 

I fear for these people - what else will they fall for?? ! 

One last LINK on masks...

Well, just one more... 

OK, for the kids..... 


What about those SPIKE PROTEINS


Spike Protein From 'Vaccines' Contributing To Autoimmune Diseases

  Do you want them in you??

Spike proteins can circulate in your body after either infection -or- injection -- causing damage to cells, tissues and organs - such as your heart, your lungs, your brain, your reproductive organs...  The World Council for Health has compiled a list of ways to fight this.   

"Side-by-side important reports reverse transcription, nuclear DNA code for Spike, both significant discoveries.  Enormous implications of permanent chromosomal change and long-term constitutive Spike synthesis driving the pathogenesis of a whole new genre of chronic diseases."  - Dr. Peter McCullough, MD MPH



The World Has Been Spiked
- Dr. Ryan Cole

Detailed and concise exposition of the spike protein poisoning of mankind by injection.


 The spike protein damages your endothelium


Vaccine Micro Clotting   

This is one reason so many athletes are collapsing on the field! 

 What about "SHEDDING"?  


Vaccinated people can make those around them sick!
* Shedding is causing a significant increase in the number of miscarriages and stillborn babies!
* Pfizer Confirms Covid-vaccinated People Can “Shed” Spike Protein and Can Harm the Unvaccinated

Spike Protein Shedding & Toxicity         

   -  An update from Dr. Mark Trozzi, Feb. 26, 2022            


 Health of Pure Bloods Threatened by 'Shedding' of mRNA and Spike Protein




  Now, what's this about GRAPHENE OXIDE?    

     Vaccinated Patients Found with ‘Abnormal Blood,’ Study Shows 


 I wonder, do you have Vaccine Regret, yet?




WHY are actual life-saving modalities being ignored, suppressed and denied to the public?  WHY?  Because they want you to get vaxxed... and die?

  What about Ivermectin?    

        <-- Click-->

 Proof of efficacy of Ivermectin use for early treatment of covid


  .... MAKE THAT over 80 STUDIES!

 IF you contract covid, early treatment is important! 


        *   Click to download the .pdf Guide 

The Global Disinformation Campaign to Suppress the Evidence of Efficacy of Ivermectin


   Dr. Pierre Kory, (flanked by Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Peter McCullough, Senator Ron Johnson, and Dr. Robert Malone) spoke passionately at Johnson’s round-table in Washington. 


Vaccine-Injured Are Seeing Profound Results With Ivermectin





  MANY athletes collapsing - soon after getting the 'kill shot'!  

It becomes more clear every day that this is not about "health care" at all... but, ALL about getting those injections into people!  They don't help; they are dangerous - but, Big Pharma and the politicians they own are still forcing people to comply.  There's something seriously wrong with this picture!

Do you have Vaccine Regret, yet?


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