Vaccine Regret

What's freedom worth to you?

The horrendously horrible actions of the Canadian government!  

When I heard this message from James White, I thought of what pastors and especially politicians

who "identify" as Christians must be going through... 

How will we as individuals, families and groups navigate through the next big one? 



       Sgt. Rick Abbott's Testimony   -  BOMBSHELL! 


We must stand up for our freedom now - or we will lose it forever.

Join the Great Resist!  

Will you welcome the coming Global Government that would use a bio-medical Police State for total control of the population and then carry out forced sterilization and mass extermination?  The "Great Reset" of the New World Order elite will not be a safe place to live. Next on their agenda is the DIGITAL ID / Social Credit control system, with programmable CBDC.  Total control and depopulation is their ultimate goal. The time to stand up against that agenda is... NOW!

Former Premier Brian Peckford condemns Trudeau's Medical Tyranny



 More Brave Canadian politicians speak out:                


       Rick Nicholls, MPP                             

               Remember the Nuremberg Code!

                      CHP Leader, Rod Taylor

             "THEY LIE"          

These sanctimonious premiers are liars! 




Dr. Chris Milburn, a family and ER physician - Sydney, Nova Scotia     

It’s Time To Prosecute the Lie About 'Mandates'!

Between lockdowns that couldn’t stop spread, nonsensical masking and distancing rules that ignored the physics of aerosols, and vaccine mandates that were blind to natural immunity, none of our COVID safety rituals —nor all of them combined — were ever worth the cost of enforcement.


   Crimes against Humanity


The modRNA genocide must finally end, now!

- Dr. Thomas Binder



   We will not forget!  

     Want to read a really good book??                                                               

In this episode, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presents one of his favorite books,                       

                    "How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom" - by Derek Smith                                                   


Thank God there are some who are speaking out!       




Canadian gold medal figure skater willing to ‘lose everything’ to fight COVID narrative


  "Dr. Fauci, you're a liar and a killer."    

  Chris Burgard has a word for Fauci:  


And, now, an important message from one of our global overlords...                             

  <-- video       
Follow up... "Next time"??                 


'Big Pharma, Big Government and Big Tech work together to abuse their power.'  --  Eva Vlaardingerbroek


Action4Canada   Get involved!                                                                                                                             

    Stand up for your rights!  Join a Freedom Rally! 


Millions of people have participated in Freedom Rallies, all over the world.

This one was earlier this year, in Montreal.  I bet you didn't see it on the TV news.... 

      Massive UK Rally. Time for Ignorance is Over


"This Just In" by Five Times August (Official Music Video) 2022 

    We will not forget.. or forgive.

   And, now they're calling for an "amnesty" for what they did to us!


Tens of thousands of truckers, and many more thousands of Canadians (who Mr. Castreau calls a "small fringe minority holding unacceptable views") drove all the way to our nation's capital, in the extreme cold of last winter.  All along the way, they were met by millions of people lining the roads and overpasses, with flags and signs and lots of cheering! 

Many people shared that it was the first time in ages they felt proud to be Canadians!  Unlike Mr. Castreau.....

But, the government refused to meet with them - and its state-run media tried desperately to vilify them.  Castreau's goons provoked them, attacked them, assaulted them, fined them, jailed some of them, smashed their windows, trampled them with horses, stole their property, seized their bank accounts, and stole the tens of millions of dollars that Canadians had donated to the cause. 

The federal government of Canada is corrupt.  They use the methods of totalitarian and communist regimes.  They are illegitimate.  Their heavy handed tactics clearly demonstrate that they have no respect or regard for the people.   Our government despises the common people and continually treats us with haughty contempt.  We should not tolerate their evil any longer. They must be removed, jailed, and never permitted to lord it over us again. There is only one Lord... and it isn't Castreau, Higgs or Ford! 

Every person has great value!  

 Castreau’s Tyranny and the War on Civil Society

Defy Castreau's authority and he will send his goons to smash your windows, steal your money, freeze your bank accounts, jail you and spread lies about you!  Justin has no conscience! 
Many Canadians have no idea that their cherished freedoms are gone
This government has made itself the enemy of the Canadian people!



     SO MANY PEOPLE still believe the Lie! 

     Castreau really hates this brave lady       



But, seriously....



Always remember what they did...

because they'll try it again!

 Multiple politicians are promising "this pandemic isn't over yet(IE: They're not finished with this thing.) 



What kind of a government fires nurses and doctors and jails pastors? 
Never has so much damage been done to so many by so few!




TECH-nochratic TYRANNY: CBDC, Digital ID, and Transhumanism


"I dread 'government in the name of science'.  That is how tyrannies come in.  In every age, the men who want us under their thumb, if they have any sense, will put forward the particular pretension which the hopes and fears of that age render most potent.  They "cash in". " - C.S. Lewis  

Any Christian 'pastor' not speaking out truth on these matters is NOT doing his job.

HOWEVER, so many church "pastors" remain silent!

The Tyranny of Totalitarianism  

- Romans 13:1-4  Pastor James Coates - Jan. 2, 2022 - Grace Life Church, Edmonton


 Pastor Coates was thrown in an Alberta jail for 5 weeks - for holding a worship service! 



 Pastor Jacob Reaume - Trinity Bible Chapel, Waterloo, Ontario


 Pastor Tim Stevens - Fairview Baptist Church, Calgary  (Also jailed by Trudeau's minions.)


Liberty Dispatch ~ SPECIAL INTERVIEW - Andrew DeBartolo sits down with pastors James Coates and Tim Stephens (both JAILED for holding church services) for an interview recorded live from the Church at War Conference, Waterloo, Ontario.  - Nov. 2022

"The government is taking control; they want to take control of absolutely everything.

"The church has become the main enemy of the government — nothing new."


  Pastor John MacArthur

 How to Live in THIS Crooked and Perverse Generation      

 Archbishop Vigano's timely message:

The State hates the Church


 Brave Canadian pastor speaking at the Freedom Convoy 2022
 Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, from Aylmer, Ontario

 "Resisting the Mandates"  - Pastor Doug Wilson  


"Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honour God with your bodies!" - 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Rallies and letter writing alone won't work! 

   - vs -  


  Trudeau govt criminalizing Christianity! <--Click here
   * Read Romans chapter 1, first! 


It becomes more clear every day that this is not about "health care" at all...

It's all about getting those injections into people...

AND, preparing us for their mandatory Digital ID and CBDC system

of total surveillance and control.


Want to help spread the word? 


 HELP!  Print up some low-cost business cards.  Share them widely!


Print some cards to pass out! 
It's easy - and, it's effective!
We can all do this.


Or, just write the website on a piece of paper... and pass it to people - perhaps include some in your bill payments or greeting cards, place them on bulletin boards, store shelves, bathroom stalls, gas pumps, etc.  Someone even wrote the website on her car!! 

Hopefully, one by one, this grassroots effort will elicit at least some curiosity ... and save some lives. 

Thank you for sharing with others!  

Our promise:  We will continually update this simple little website.

Check it often.. and recommend it to those you care about.



This great graphic reminds me of Hebrews 11:14-16

 BTW: the cv "vaccine" is only one of the threats facing us all right now.
 Here's a very helpful and well written article from which we would all benefit

                             Are you a Grasshopper or an Ant?   

    A great graphic for your T-shirt:                                  


"The truth is like a lion; you don't have to defend it.

Let it loose; it will defend itself." ~ Saint Augustine


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