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They told us it was safe .. they told us it was effective  

Some of us believed them and took the shots.... 

we thought we could trust them, and their 'science'. 

But, after examining evidence coming in from all over the planet,

we seriously regret allowing them to fool us. 

When we first posted this website, evidence of vaccine "adverse effects" was just starting to surface.  But, now, that evidence has increased to an overwhelming flood.  However, most Canadians will not even hear about these harms, as Big Pharma, Big Media and our own government conspire against us.  Big Pharma and Big Media continue to spread a united message that these injections are "safe and effective". They are lying to us.

But, thanks to
friends sharing with friends what's been happening to them and to their loved ones, we have available other means to go around the mainstream media.  We can now see testimony from highly accredited doctors and scientists warning us to beware of these jabs.  The Trudeau government tries to silence them and 'delete' them - but, word is now getting out, thank God!

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Many 'doctors', pharmacists and hospitals

pushed the jabs for their own enrichment!



Fully-Vaxxed Suffer 3000% Spike in Excess Deaths    


     Demanding Accountability for the Covid Scam




   Dr. Charles Hoffe - family physician, British Columbia

   <MORE from Dr. Hoffe>  

WHY obey the highly-paid and self-aggrandizing hypocrites

who virtue signal their way into positions of power?? 

Who continue to "encourage" the masses to mask up and to take their latest booster injections!

Please note: just recently, a lady with stage 4 lung cancer who has a medical exemption was going to the Moncton Hospital (run by Horizon Health) for an appointment with her cancer specialist.  She was ordered to wear a mask before entering...  When she was unable to comply, the brave hospital security stooge called the RCMP!  She was unceremoniously escorted off the property by the POLICE, missing her appointment! 

This is unacceptable! 



Please look at this excellent info site.




Check out Dr. Campbell's

many scientific reports!







So many people now sincerely REGRET complying - and are now demanding that we have free and informed consent regarding what we permit to be injected into our bodies. 

Please don't just go back to sleep!  The mere fact that neighbours and family members are being seriously affected should at least cause you some curiosity!   Especially when we witness our corrupt government constantly pumping out propaganda that these shots are "safe and effective" and the "only way out of this pandemic" - and threatening/coercing people to get yet another jab ...  or else suffer the consequence of being denied your rights as a citizen!  

        It's happening  ...  just as planned. 

  • An absolute majority of people getting sick and dying from "Covid-19" are the "fully vaccinated".   Just look at the official reports coming in from all over!  The new so-called 'variants' are being spread BY the "fully vaccinated" - NOT the "unvaccinated"! 

But, sadly, many people have never even heard about the serious harms being done by jabs! 
If you get your "news" exclusively via TV and radio, you will not hear about the serious adverse effects (including "sudden unexplained death") from these injections.  All such information is being suppressed by our government and their tightly-controlled mainstream media.  It's also being censored and deleted from most social media platforms

When TV talking heads mouth government talking points, over and over, the warning bells should go off loud and clear!  This is not "news", but propaganda, and, as Joseph Goebbels said, propaganda works!  And, as we all know... "it's easier to convince people to believe a lie than to show them they've been lied to!"  Perhaps, one of the reasons we still see otherwise intelligent people wearing face diapers!  (Been to COSTCO lately?)

Sworn testimony from some of the most accomplished doctors in the world:           

   <- click for video
COVID CRIMES  -  Dr. Richard Fleming                    

 Curing the pandemic of misinformation

on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines through

real evidence-based medicine.”

In a peer-reviewed article published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance, Dr. Aseem Malhotra called for the immediate end of  COVID-19 vaccine rollouts.


           That's all we're asking for...        

 German Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach has issued an apology to the public and admitted that the Covid shots he once promoted are causing “severe disabilities” that will likely be “permanent.” 
 Dr. Peter A. McCullough:

     "Then They Came for the Canadians . . ."

Dr. Patrick Phillips Speech: WHO & IHR Amendments | Jan 28, 2023

As the number of doses given to a population increases, so does "all-cause" mortality!




MUCH higher!




Some still choose to believe self-serving politicians

and the ultra-rich globalist businessmen


Bill Gates invested MILLIONS in BioNTech JUST BEFORE covid


These novel vaccines are neither 'safe' nor 'effective'.

  •  They are instead dangerous and deadly
  •  They do not protect you from catching any coronavirus.
  •  They do not prevent its transmission to others. 
  •  The 'vaccinated' have been harmed -- their immune systems are being destroyed
  •  The vast majority of so-called "covid cases", hospital admissions and deaths are now in 'vaccinated' people. 

  But there are vested interests at work that don't want us to learn of these things.

"We're seeing a clear pattern of highly competent and skilled medical doctors in very esteemed positions being 'taken down' and censored or even fired, for practicing proper science and medicine." - Jay Cameron, Litigation Director, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms



Evidence/Sworn Testimony

Here in Canada, the National Citizens' Inquiry heard sworn evidence from highly qualified, credentialed and published doctors, scientists and other professionals.  The first of these meetings took place, in Truro, NS, March 16 - 18, 2023, and were held all across the country.  You can view the proceedings here, on the official YT channel. 

Please, at least watch the sworn testimony from Dr. Chris Milburn, former Head of Emergency Medicine for Eastern Nova Scotia .. and Dr. Peter McCullough, board-certified cardiologist.  This is powerful, bombshell testimony - and very clearly proves that TRUTH will eventually prevail over the lies of those who mean us harm. - Start ~ 19:25

"unexplained high death counts"   

   Remember 'SIDS' .. crib deaths among babies?

Now, we have 'SADS'...  

“Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”  
- which is just one of the Vaccine Injuries on the rise!  
But, we're not allowed to talk about it....   

Since mandatory “vaccines” and “boosters” were forced upon a trusting population, there has been a tragic and sudden increase in “all cause deaths”.  Cancers, strokes, heart problems, reproductive failure, and multiple other maladies have rapidly spiked among the “jabbed”.  These are NOT "Covid" deaths


There is a dramatic rise in “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome
(Code for "Vaccine Death")

  You really MUST watch this documentary proof!


 A damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history
 Please watch this very important presentation.. and then view Dr. Kelly's response to it:

   Watch it before Youtube deletes it! 

   The covid shots are causing aggressive tumors!


 Sadly, there are some who appear to be totally LOST

Deaths SOAR in areas with high covid vaccination rate   

Day after day, we are seeing such stories...






Dr. Mark Trozzi, Dr. Chris Shoemaker - "all cause mortality" spike




"BIGGEST DISASTER In Medical History!" - Dr. Charles Hoffe   

A powerful speech from one of Canada's finest MDs, Dr. Charles Hoffe.  When he attended to the first patients injected and damaged by the covid mRNA gene-experiment vax in his town, in British Columbia, he searched for reasons and ways to help them.  He performed D-dimer tests which revealed unnatural clotting.  He reported this to BC health authorities and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.  Rather than being thanked, he was fired from his hospital, and persecuted by the CPSBC.  Dr Hoffe is no coward; he will not submit truth to corruption.  Please watch his powerful speech at the recent protest of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.

"The more 'boosters' you have, the more likely you will die of covid." 


The so-called Public Health "Authorities" have much to answer for!


Everything wrong with coercive mandates, forced injections and lockdowns


Vaccinated people now make up a "majority of covid deaths." 

 -- thanks to this liar.

Perplexingly, there are many people who still believe the LIE$ !


US Gov’t database reveals 10,000% increase in CANCER reports due to the vaccines

Data leaks given by three “decorated high-ranking soldiers who are doctors and public health officials,” in sworn declarations under penalty of perjury, showed enormous spikes in dozens of diseases following cv 'vaccine' uptake in the U.S. military.


  The CDC and WHO have lied to the world about these "vaccines"


For many years, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving them into granite.  Yet…we never seem to believe them.  But now, with so many people Dying Suddenly, with strange, rubbery clots being pulled out of their bodies, and with the skyrocketing stillbirths , with young, healthy people dropping dead from heart attacks - all caused by the "clot shot" - people are starting to wake up.  This is a mass genocide.

  * A documentary you really must watch:  DIED SUDDENLY 


 Top Physicians and Embalmers Reveal Patient's Shocking 'Vaccine' Injuries



  Morticians are pulling clots, sometimes feet long, out of those who have collapsed!



For BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) and mRNA-1273 (Moderna), the risk of MYOCARDITIS after mRNA vaccination was 8 times and 30 times higher than that of the 'unvaccinated' control groups, respectively.  For people between the ages of 18 and 24, there was a 44-times-higher risk of myocarditis following the Moderna vaccine.  Regarding the Pfizer shot, the risk was 13 times greater in comparison to the same age group.


And, from the NHS, in the UK: "you are 3 to 4 times more likely to get sick with Covid-19, to be hospitalized and to die if you are "Triple Vaccinated"!"

 Official government stats show that the "BOOSTER" is the KILL SHOT!           

   Those "Boosted" fare far worse!


The 'Boosted' Show Higher COVID-19 Infections compared to unboosted, CDC Data Reveals


Jordan Peterson’s Brilliant, Short Message             


  Mass hypnosis: WHY can’t people see through the COVID deception?

Despite the statistics and mathematical models dramatically overrating the risk of the virus, and the obvious side effects of the vaccine, many are not capable of seeing it. The most salient characteristic of this psychological trend is that it makes people radically blind to everything that goes against the narrative in which they believe.   Please READ the article!


I would suggest there's a spiritual component to this radical blindness: 

"Seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.  Indeed, in their case the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled that says: “‘“You will indeed hear but never understand, and you will indeed see but never perceive.”  For this people's heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them.’  But blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear."

 - See Matthew Ch. 13   

Mass Formation Psychosis

Ninja (Omicron BA.5) COVID Fearporn

    "Now be a good highly vaccinated citizen and get in line for our latest greatest booster!"

 Have you noticed the personality changes?

   Sudden Personality Change after mRNA-Injection


The undeniable evidence - not only correlation, but causation!
- Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr. Naomi Wolf, and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich




An in depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who’s controlling it - and how it’s being used to inject a dangerous, new technology into almost every human being on the planet.  The film explores how the narrative is being used to strip us of our human rights, and the impact of 'mandates' in a deeply powerful story of one man's tragic loss.  Hear the truth from doctors and scientists who are not afraid to stand up against Big Pharma and the 'ELITE' class who profit big-time from their mandates. 

There is SO MUCH propaganda, so much government over-reach!  It truly is time to end this madness!

‘The governments are legislating against us’ 

- Neil Oliver on the elite 'leading us down garden path'

 Pfizer was forced to disclose some of the reported and expected "Adverse Affects" of their PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 (bnt162b2) injections. They were forced


Here's the actual document.


And, an Ontario RN reacts to the first 38 pages! <--click


  Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea,   Dr. David Nixon,   Dr. Mike Yeadon,   Karen Kingston

   C-19 jabs forever alter your DNA


 Dr. John Campbell, PhD comments on the Pfizer documents:

mRNA shots are destroying mankind

World-renowned Virologist and Professor of Microbiology Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

 Now, they're targeting our children! 




  Urgent news from the Halifax IWK!


Pfizer recruits kids for its Covid-19 vaccine trial!

For more information, go to



Think Twice Before You Vaccinate Your Kids!





In Canada, if you are under the age of 14, you are many, many times more likely to experience an 'adverse reaction' from the covid-19 vaccine, than you are from dying of Covid-19. 


"Injecting children with COVID vaccines is ‘an unforgivable sin’"


    Children Are Being Destroyed - with the willing participation of their parents!

 Download Dr. Vernon Coleman's article (.pdf)!                                                                                    

"This is pure Satanic child abuse!"                        


          Dr. Graham Lyons - Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide, SA                                   


     Cardiovascular Manifestation of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine in Adolescents

One Very Distraught Father!

... it's all about "vaccine hesitancy" ...


      "Dropping like flies!" Athletes From Around The World Collapsing & Dying Suddenly

The silenced victims of this genocide   


Global mRNA vaccine genocide .. with testimonies from the victims and medical staff    


Canadian doctor makes alarming claim about grim prognosis

for kids with shot-induced myocarditis




 Israeli boy featured in COVID vaccine campaign dies of heart attack at age 8


    Alarming Stillbirth Data        

"The vaccine is killing my patients, my women of reproductive age, my pregnant women, my pre-born babies, and my newborn babies."   - Dr. James A. Thorp OB/GYN  


  Dr. Peterson Pierre Confirms miscarriage link to 'vaccine'    


   Pfizer shot = an avalanche of miscarriages and stillborn babies

Giving experimental COVID jabs to pregnant women has been the greatest medical disaster in history!


Astronomical increases in miscarriages and menstrual abnormalities have accompanied the worldwide rollout of the COVID jabs.


COVID Vaccine Should Be Banned for Pregnant Women!

Big Pharma and governments use deceptive number games!

... and, if they can't have babies anymore what are we going to do?!

 I wonder, do you have Vaccine Regret, yet?

Hey, Doc... what side of history will you find yourself on? 

  • There are two main narratives out there, today, concerning the safety and the efficacy of the current crop of Covid-19 "vaccines".  One of these narratives is the one promulgated by the "public health" agencies of various levels of government.  Their information is pumped out continuously via the Media - it is always and everywhere.  Every TV and radio news broadcast tells a story of increasing 'case' numbers, new 'variants', 'vaccines' and the latest government travel restrictions, orders and 'mandates'. 
  • It's an unrelenting and deliberate campaign of fear.  Ultimately, their story comes from the WHO and the CCP.  Sadly, this narrative is the only one that most people get to hear. 
  • The same story is repeated, over and over and over, on the CBC, Global, CTV, CNN, MSNBC, etc.   If you listen closely, you will hear the exact same talking points on every Media outlet.  It's relentless.   It's almost like they're engaged in a carefully coordinated campaign to effect a certain agenda.  The Media is heavily funded by the federal government - so, it should be no surprise to anyone that they are simply following the script, following orders.  I guess, 'you don't bite the hand that feeds you!"
  • But, there's another narrative out there.  Thousands of doctors, scientists, nurses and other health care professionals are sharing a very different story. Their studies, reports and findings however are NOT allowed on the state-run Media.  They find themselves ridiculed, demonized, deleted - black-balled or even fired by their hospitals, medical boards and universities.   It is these courageous men and women that we should be listening to - not the fat, well-paid government shills that are selling a very faulty and deadly product. The "public health officials" who currently rule over us are CORRUPT. 
  • Who will you believe?  - doctors, nurses and scientists who are losing their jobs to maintain intellectual and moral integrity.... or a forceful, overbearing government that fires doctors and nurses by the thousands, and arrests and jails Christian pastors


 Pro-vaccine doctor FIRED over vaccine safety concerns! 

  Dr. Francis Christian, Clinical Professor of General Surgery      

 "Public Health" officials across Canada, such as extreme dim-wit NB then Minister of Health, Dorothy Shephard, should be jailed for forcing egregious and harmful lockdowns, mask mandates, travel restrictions - and FORCED 'vaccinations' - on Canadian citizens.   Not to mention the persecution and firing of so many wonderful doctors and nurses who had the courage to question the official narrative...  And, what about the arrest and jailing of Christian pastors?? 

These incompetent, but highly paid "Public Health" government functionaries  KNEW  that this whole thing was a Big Lie.  But, they continue to do this - they are "doubling down" - so they don't lose their high incomes.  (Doctors used to believe in doing NO HARM!)  Whether evil, criminal intent or mere clinical stupidity, these people should be removed from having any power over us - before they do even more harm to us and our children!  (Note: a doctor in Malaysia has just been executed for the crime of giving these injections, and causing death.) 



 * IF YOU are a doctor, pharmacist or nurse... 

How can you participate in this? You do not work for the "Public Health" bureaucrats... you work for the people, the patients.  (We have heard several credible reports that there are a large number of doctors in Ontario who were using fake 'vaxx passports', even while dispensing the dangerous jabs!  SHAME!)  

People are dying...  this is a mass extermination event, and many doctors are blindly participating ... some of them with their own deaths. 

Hey, Doc, what side of history will you find yourself on? 

Can you not acknowledge that you took a huge risk with these deltoid intramuscular injection of novel foreign genetic code with no assurances on long term safety?  Huh?


10-Year-Old Boy Died of Cardiac Arrest 7 Days After mRNA Shot     

BUT... so many "doctors" who have been paid off by Big Pharma don't care one iota!  

 Mike's Story  ..  #iwishididnttakeit

  Massive blood clot after taking the "Clot Shot"!


    <-- click  

Another video about CV-19 VACCINE 'ADVERSE' REACTIONS!


 Finally, someone being compensated for cv "vaccine" injury!

Background Info:


The following commentary is from Dr. Chris Milburn:         


Dr. Milburn was the head of Emergency Medicine, in Cape Breton,  Nova Scotia -- until he dared to question the 'official' narrative being promulgated by the NS government.  He was abruptly fired, a few days later, for expressing an informed, scientific opinion! 

Corrupt "Public Health" officials will do anything to try and keep the truth from the public...        

First perspective - how many unvaccinated people have to be around before a case of COVID gets transmitted? Answer - a hell of a lot! (and keep in mind the equivalent number of vaccinated is about 30% more as far as can be determined - ie: you can catch COVID - and other bugs by the way - in large groups of people, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated. The StFX outbreak occurred despite masking, vax mandates, etc.)

Second perspective - it's about as dangerous to hang around 3 vaccinated people as 2 unvaccinated people. Think about it. Do you stress a lot when you are hanging out with 3 friends?

Third perspective, in various countries the data now shows that the vaccinated are MORE likely to carry (and transmit) COVID than the unvaccinated. This may be due to a phenomenon called antigenic imprinting, may be a data artifact, or due to a co-variable. But, whatever the explanation, it's clear that the premise behind vaccine mandates is dead and gone.  (Ontario data, COVID cases per 100,000 vaccinated is the green line, higher than unvaccinated or partially vaccinated)

Did anyone else notice how the meme of "this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated" just quietly faded off into the sunset over the last couple of months?  Funny that.  And yet the "if you don't get vaccinated, you are a selfish person who is not doing his part" narrative remains.  Where is the NS data about the vaccine status of patients admitted who test positive for C-19?

I have good friends and family members who are not vaccinated. They are good, smart people capable of making logical and reasonable decisions. It pains me that so many people are happy to see them treated like second class citizens.

So let's stop scapegoating and vilifying people for their health choices.  The pressure on our hospital system is by orders of magnitude caused more by lack of nursing home beds, not to mention poor lifestyle choices with drugs, alcohol, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits.  We don't tolerate treating those people like monsters, or suggesting that they should pay for their own healthcare.  Let's not treat 'unvaccinated' people that way.  

"We need to calm down and gain perspective.  "Unvaccinated" people aren't the horrible, uncaring monsters that the media, and many of our politicians, are making them out to be."   -  UNQUOTE


 Nurses Blow Whistle on ‘Overwhelming’ Numbers of Heart Attacks, Clotting, Strokes 

  • Yet, the Media claims that "cases" and hospital admissions are comprised mostly of "the UNVACCINATED".  The implication being that it's their own fault!  But, the exact opposite is happening.  Many serious adverse reactions resulting from the 'jabs' are now being falsely categorized as "covid' - and show up within the first two weeks after injection.  DID YOU KNOW that the 'authorities' now define someone who has received two injections and even a 'booster' but a full 14 days has not yet passed.. as being "UNVACCINATED"?   What a way to pad the numbers!    
  • Every day it becomes more obvious that this isn't about "health care"... it's ALL about getting those injections into people. 

- - -

We received an urgent message from a good friend, in New Brunswick: "So sad... omg...  My friend got his 3rd vaccine, and within 24 hrs had multiple seizures and a heart attack.  He was induced into a coma for a few days, and now is on heart medications." 

We are now hearing similar stories all the time - and, not only from around the world - but, locally - about real people that we and our friends personally know.   It's become a hot topic of discussion... but, NOT on the Media - you won't hear this on the Media... you know, the Media that annually gets billions of dollars from Justin Trudeau Castreau.  The Media that no longer has real journalists who ask hard questions.   That Media.  



The push for mass Covid-19 'vaccination' isn’t about combating a virus,

...  but about reducing the global population.  

Recently, I was in a drug store, in Halifax, getting a few supplies, when in walks a feeble, elderly gentleman .. wearing one of those industrial strength face masks...  It was quite obvious that his health was tenuous...  He was asking the pharmacist when he could get his 'Booster' shot.  I politely said to him that he should think about that first, that many people regret doing that - and he turned on me, angrily saying "I don't believe you!!" and walked away...  He had no interest whatsoever why anyone would think such a thing!  Poor old fellow - he must be watching CBC, Global, CTV ... So sad.  Please pray for him. 

  UPDATE:  "I was wrong.  I apologize." - Dr. John Campbell

Follow the (real) science, and make up your own mind, rather than blindly accepting government talking points coming out via the Media.  Here are a few places to start... (more on the next 4 pages):  


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